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neither yet. was hoping you could post one in D. It looks like your 2 are identical. My church is new to using loops so I'm just getting started. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to buy one and then convert and transpose it myself. I thought it may make it sound weak. So one posted in D would be easiest for me.

Also looking for "wake" in E with more of a basic loop. The only one in E within loop community has basically every instrument and really leaves no space for the rest of the band.

ehfletch on Jun. 1st

Sure thing! Did you purchase the version in Eb or E already?

zachbuckner on Jun. 1st

Sure thing! Did you purchasebthe version in Eb or R already?

zachbuckner on Jun. 1st

Zach, My church has VBS coming up in a few weeks. We run a full live band every year. This year we're doing the Y&F songs. Any chance you could transpose what you have for Back to Life to key of D?

ehfletch on Jun. 1st

Good deal! Lemme know what you think!

zachbuckner on Apr. 15th

nevermind. i overlooked one stem

hey man i really dig your track for "we will not be shaken".. but there is no piano stem in the zip file... this was the main reason for buying this. maybe i'm missing something?

Tracks for 'Anchor' by Hillsong and 'We Will Not Be Shaken' are up now! Others are coming soon including 'Ever Be', 'Broken Vessels', and 'Shout Hosanna'!

zachbuckner on Mar. 25th