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Hey Zach. When the Piano comes in on Your Name, it's seems like there's a key change or something. What's going on there buddy?

conwayjourney on Dec. 11th

How's the C version of "Your Love Never Fails" coming?

chrisdepoian on Jul. 16th

Hey Zach, I dig your arrangement of "Your Love Never Fails," but I'm looking to do it in C (female key). I was gonna just transpose it in Ableton but the jump of a 4th concerns me a little. You think it'll translate well or do you perhaps have a better way of transposing it that I could just download it from you in C?

chrisdepoian on Jul. 9th

Epic new tracks for 'At the Cross' and 'Sing and Shout' are now up on my page! Enjoy! If you'd like a different key, just give me a shout!

zachbuckner on Jul. 2nd

Awesome new tracks from Passion 2014 will be ready for you soon! 'Never Gonna Let Me Go', At The Cross (Love Ran Red)', and 'Sing and Shout' just to name a few. They have been processed and just need to be posted so be looking out for them any day now!

zachbuckner on Jun. 30th

I've uploaded four new epic tracks from Passion 2014 and hopefully they will process quickly--be on the lookout for all those, folks!

zachbuckner on Jun. 3rd

Hey Zach, What a small world :) I love LC and would love to talk about your loops and production! I'll be listening and getting in touch soon! Peace!

Finch on Apr. 23rd

If you purchased my 'forever' loop, email me at and I'll send you a corrected file. Sorry for any inconvenience!

zachbuckner on Apr. 10th