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can i use the worship piano patch in pro tools?

brandonreynoldz on Apr. 20th

G'day Zach, I purchased your version of Break Free by Hillsong the other day (old school i know) anyhow for some reason the loop cuts out right before the solo/instrumental section. It's only about 3 mins long total. I wasn't sure if you were intentionally cutting it out at first but then I noticed your sample carried on. Anyhow just thought I'd let ya know mate, I think it might be something on their end at Loop community. Anyhow great stuff though, cheers!

armills85 on Feb. 11th

Your Everything Glorious Loop seems to end abruptly, was that intentional? Would also appreciate a description of how the song ends. It's doesn't follow the album really.

jordy40 on Jul. 20th

I bought and download "worship pad" and it's showing in my download files but it's not showing up in my song list when I open prime. Any idea how to get this into song list? I was wanting to use these as transitions. Thanks.

Ryano1 on Aug. 21st

I've heard you guys to "Alive" by Hillsong Young & Free at FP. Did you to the loop for that one? I'm looking for it with a male lead vocal slightly lower than the original.

kevin on Aug. 13th

You can use his loop pack. If you want to use the other sounds you would need to own ableton and then create a .wav file and sample it into logic through esx24 or through ultrabeat.

tsho08 on Apr. 25th

I actually don't use Mainstage or Logic.

zachcarringer on Apr. 25th

Hey Zach --

Such great sounds in SoundPark!

Is there anyway to port/produce some for use in Mainstage/Logic?

ejmiranda on Apr. 25th