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you have great flair for this stuff Zach! Your loops are one of a kind and the way you blend things around it. Keep it that way mate! When you get time would love to hear your own versions of "What a Beautiful Name" - Hills Song" and "Nothing is impossible" Planet Shakers" . Wishing you all the best dude. Keep looking up - Al

alanmats on Dec. 13th

Hi Zach. I am wondering if you would have time to create a loop in the key of G for "Beautiful Things." I am in need of something in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

jeniphelps on Aug. 16th

No worries it's a crazy time of year. I appreciate you getting back to me. Have a good Christmas.

MitchEugene on Dec. 8th

Mitch, I apologize for the late response. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be much help to you because I'm primarily a Reason user. All I can tell you is that I choose a synth sound I like and then add various effects like arpeggiators, phasers, reverb, delay, envelopes, and vocoders to achieve the sound I'm looking for. Explaining what each of those effects do would be a pretty lengthy discussion. I have no idea how to add or manipulate those devices in Abelton. I appreciate the kind words about my tracks. I'm glad to hear you were able to use them.

ZachOrr on Dec. 7th

Hey Zach, I'm fairly new to creating tracks and synths so I hope I'm not out of line with my question. I was listening to your Angels We Have Heard on High and really like that arp or delayed sounding synth. I have heard similar sounds in some Vertical Church tracks, I've been trying to create a similar synth/sound in Ableton but haven't been able to get it. Any tips in getting in the right direction?
Bought your Crowder track, I Am, too good, thanks.

MitchEugene on Nov. 25th

Hey Bro,
I am looking for the song I Will Follow by Anthony Evans can you do the Track.

mmumfordmusic on Oct. 6th

Hi Zach, we're thinking about using your Lamb of God tracks for a worship night this weekend. We are going to record the night and produce a cd from it. Would you be ok with us using your tracks on the record?

petelee on Aug. 26th

Hey man I'm doing This I Believe this week and wanted to do it in Ab or G. Any way you could throw one or both of those up?

imdev1n on Aug. 23rd