1-measure of previous scene click plays on NEW scene launch



about 6 years ago (edited)

So every once in awhile, seems random but when it happens it applies to all scenes, I'll trigger the scene but it seems like the click plays one measure of another scene before "switching" tempos to the new scene. Ex: If I play scene 1, then stop the tracks. Then trigger scene 4, scene 5 will play1 measure of scene 1's tempo before switching to the correct bpm of scene 4. Is this quantization issue? I"m stumped. I'm not sure why sometimes it will happen and other times not. If I re-start Ableton it seems to fix it, so maybe a bug?

about 5 years ago

Hi Jon! I am currently having what seems like the same problem. Upon launching a new scene, the tempo often "Ramps Up" to the new tempo rather than starting at the right tempo. It is not a problem with quantization....I understand how that works and have tried no quantization, 1/4, and one measure. Did you figure out what was causing your problem?