2 Questions: Starting Loops from different points of song....Stopping at set point



about 8 years ago (edited)

Hey: I've been running Ableton and loops successfully for 6 months now. Just purchasing and running them straight. I now have a couple of Intermediate questions:) 1. During rehearsals, when we need to stop loops and start them again to restart from another part of the song, I try to drag to a new measure, it always seems to mess up the tempo or cues or something. How can I launch from the middle of a loop? 2. I've been using Foundations and some Percussion plugins for Ableton when the click is to low or a weird tone...also using the percussion loops to add to existing loops. It would be nice to have the loop STOP at the end of the song when the recorded loop does. Of course, with these plugins, ableton keeps running and the Foundation click or beat keeps going until I stop it manually. It's more of a bother than anything as you have to ignore it while transitioning to the next song. Just wondering if there is a way to have Ableton stop automatically at the end of the loop? thanks much!

about 8 years ago (edited)

1) You can use arrangement view to start your tracks at a certain location and keep them in sync. Scrubbing to a location in clip view only scrubs that individual clip. Your other clips are left in the dust. Personally, if we need to run a certain section of a song we forgo the tracks until we are ready to run straight through. 2) You're basically asking Live to do the opposite of what it was created for. A looping clip was specifically made to go on forever until you stop it. There are multiple ways of doing that. You can hit "Stop all clips" which will use the global quantize setting to stop all clips. If you know the arrangement you are going to do, why not make a full length clip that one shots and stops at the end of the song?

almost 8 years ago

To add to this, I am also frustrated at trying to get Ableton to stop playing after a song is done. It seems that the metronome will keep clicking forever unless you manually stop it. Is there really no way for Ableton to stop after a song is finished?