almost 4 years ago (edited)

Recently purchased the original multitracks for unstoppable god. Having trouble with the guitar tracks because thebare stereo and each track has different effects at different times. So when i pan out everything to the left to isolate them from the click and guide, i loose some of the efecta. Olease help. Still new to ableton.

almost 4 years ago

Hey Manuel, You should duplicate the stem that has the effects, then use a utility plugin only on one stem to chain the effect channel to the other channel without effects. Do the same for the duplicated track, just pan it the opposite. Now you'll have two electric guitar tracks, but one will be stereo with effects and the other will be stereo without effects. The original masters are like that because the artists and labels don't record stems for us, but for iTunes, Spotify, etc. We just adapt the tracks for playback when we receive them from the labels. That effect is due solely for listening purposes and not playback control. Hope this makes sense. If you need additional help, email us at Thanks!