Ableton and Behringer X32 sound board



about 8 years ago (edited)

Hello everyone. I am VERY new to using loops, never used them before. So please forgive for the dumb questions. I am planning on purchasing Ableton Live 9 for doing recordings, and doing loop playbacks. I have the new Behringer X32 sound board, which will hook directly into my laptop using firewire or USB. The X32 can do 32 channel recording, so I would be all set for doing live 32 channel recordings with Ableton. My question is would this setup work okay if I had my sound guy or another volunteer running our loops from FOH or should I invest in having a midi controller like the softstep and buying an audio interface and do my own control of the loops? My concern is we are a small church and I can't afford a MOTU 828 audio interface for example. I only have budget for the Ableton software this year, which leaves nothing for a midi controller or audio interface. Also, could someone tell me how the hardware connections would work with an audio interface? I think I understand that you connect from your laptop USB to the audio interface USB, but didn't understand what the TRS or XLR input connectors were for if all I'm doing is using it to do my playback of loops? Do the outputs from the audio interface plug directly into input channels on my X32? I like the idea of having more than 2 outputs in case I expand and want to go to something more than just Loop and Click outputs, so thanks for that idea! Lastly, what is the cheapest audio interface but good quality that a small church can invest in? Is the soft step better than the Youn Ability controller? Thanks so much for all you are doing to help educate us small church worship pastors!

about 8 years ago (edited)

Hi @worshippastor

If I were you, I would do this:

Keep it simple... Just buy a 1/8" to stereo 1/4" cable and come out of your headphone jack. Works great and will get you going.

You can skip the audio interface for now, as well as the MIDI controller. Just use key commands to assign a key on your keyboard to the loops you are starting. See this video:


Hope this helps,