almost 9 years ago (edited)

I'm getting started with Ableton, and I've downloaded a free loop for Our God, band cues, and the beat pack from LC. THANKS, BTW! So, that stuff is sitting in a download folder at this point on my macbook. Where do I go from here? What's the best way to manage files? I'm assuming I want to start my loop and multitrack collection on this harddrive, rather than depending on a larger external drive. Should I start a folder under Music or Documents? Any general advice on file management would be appreciated. Gratefully, Steve Moore

almost 9 years ago (edited)

I have quite a large collection of songs, loops, samples, etc. I keep everything on a backed up external drive. When I'm creating a set I use the collect all and save feature when I'm done. This pulls all the samples off the external and places them in the project folder I am currently working on. When I'm done I just delete the local copy of everything.