Ableton Loops in 1 File?



over 9 years ago (edited)

Do you put your Ableton songs in 1 file? (A video on YouTube illustrates and suggests that Matt McCoy does this: My question is this... My songs usually have about 8 instruments, and those instruments vary per song. Do you mixdown the audio for each song, so that it can go into the loop column? That seems like a ton of extra work.

over 9 years ago (edited)

I should probably post an updated video of my Ableton setup. Be on the lookout for this shortly.

I use session view only. Arrangement view only lets you have one song open at a time, unless you stack all your songs next to each other horizontally down the timeline... But this would be a pain to do every week.

Using session view, you can keep one master session with all of your song loops. I have mine sorter alphabetically and also have different channels for different instruments in each song.

1. Cues

2. Beats

3. Pads

4. Piano

5. Percussion

6. Electronic (Synths / Arpeggiators)

Each channel goes out it's own output, or I'll submix them down to only a few.

@jupebox, this is what I suggest. This lets you have your individual instruments on separate tracks, and lets you trigger different sections of each song, and jump to different songs.

BTW - the sections of my songs are on different scenes. Looks like this:

How Great is Our God; 76 BPM; 4/4 Verse Chorus Verse 2 Bridge  


almost 8 years ago (edited)

When using ableton how to you set up the markers and such i would love to do that!