Ableton Midi Mapping



over 6 years ago (edited)

I have a korg NanoPad 2 to trigger scenes and do other random stuff in Ableton. I am wondering if there is a way to have the 'click' toggle on more than 1 button. I know that I can have 1 button trigger more than one thing in ableton. But I am not seeing it able to have more than 1 button trigger the same thing. For some back ground and so you can understand the WHY of what I am trying to do. I am the drummer for a traveling worship band. We have all of our songs set up in ableton, and we use a click on all but one. I have Ableton send midi notes to control ProPresenter for lyrics and video while we are on stage. The one song we do without a click, I have the midi notes triggered to pads on my Nanopad to control ProPresenter through ableton. I have a pad set up to turn the click on and off. A pad to select "How Deep The Father's Love" in ProPresenter through Ableton. A pad for Next Slide, and a pad for Previous slide. (ProPresenter is configured so I only have to hit next, but I like having previous just in case I get a little happy and go too many slides) I also have a pad that launches the next song specifically in Ableton. Now we come out of song 1 with click into song 2(how deep) with no click. So I have to turn the click off, then trigger How Deep in ProPresenter. Control slides from the drum throne, while playing the song. (very minimalistic playing on this song) My scenesto control slides in ableton are located toward the bottom of the session view. So I have a pad to trigger the song directly after it, so it's seamless and I don't take more time than needed to scroll up to the next song and select it. Also turning the click back on before I hit that trigger. Now, it may just come down to where I have to remember to hit the trigger to turn the click on before I trigger the next song. But what I am hoping to do is have the click midi controlled by 3 different pads. Pad 1 to turn it on and off. Pad 2 to trigger How Deep Playlist, and toggle the click. Pad 3 to trigger "song 3" and toggle the click. Most simple solution in theory is to just run "How Deep" with a click and have it all midi programed to run the slides just like the other 16 songs in our set. But we typically play "How Deep" while doing an alter call. So we are in and out of lyrics at random times. In theory we could set up the markers in ableton, and jump around that way. But that would take up more pads than I have, unless I switched the scale on this pad just for that song. Our song after "How Deep" (Song 3) is running back tracks so we have to have the clicks from the very start of starting that scene. I hope that makes sense.

over 6 years ago

You can get this done with a creative IAC midi set up. It won't be pretty though. Essentially, you can have the pad play the song start as well as play a midi clip that sends a note to Ableton via IAC midi. That note is the note that toggles your metronome. You're playing with fire with this set up, though. False start on that song or skip How Deep one Sunday and you are toggling the metronome in the wrong direction. About 3 years ago I started using a dedicated MIDI click track set up in Ableton with Impulse and haven't looked back. Lots of benefits, including 1. adjust click level for song intros where in-ear bleed is an issue 2. easily create subdivided clicks for slow tempo songs 3. have the click stop or slow down at the end of a song, etc 4. easily change your click sounds or import the samples from the Ableton click