Ableton reading pads strangely



almost 5 years ago (edited)

Hey all, Anyone ever have a situation where they drag a pre-purchased pad loop (worship tutorials) into ableton and run a click with it and then the pad sounds weird/different has strange echoes that aren't there in the normal track? The only reason I know a difference is because I tried the same track, same process in Logic and Logic reads it totally fine, very smooth. Doesn't sound distorted or transformed at all. Is this a buffer setting or is this a hidden setting in ableton with mp3 tracks to be brought in? I've also tried getting a .wav file and that has the same exact result. I love Ableton for loopcommunity stuff, but this is fairly frustrating and I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing or a hidden pre-set in the background. Any tips or suggestions on where to start would be super helpful.

almost 5 years ago

I'm running ableton 9 live lite. if that helps..I've attached the image of the software specs.