Ableton triggering new arrangements on the fly



almost 8 years ago (edited)

Hi everyone, So first off I'm still getting to grips with ableton and only use it to trigger as opposed to create (where reason comes in!) I've split up some loops into different sections (intro, v1, chorus, v2, chorus 2 etc etc) and set it up so each scene follows on from the next for each song. Now i want to have with my controllers dedicated intro, v1, chorus 1, v2 etc buttons that trigger each loops relevant section. I'm got a pod hd500 at my disposal as well as an akai lpd8 and i'm borrowing a novation launchpad as well. The problem is if I assign a footswitch on my pod to trigger the intro for song 1, whichever song youre in that footswitch will still trigger the start of song 1. Is there anyway to group scenes so I could have one group for song 1, another for song 2 etc and then within that group each footswitch/trigger pad could be assigned to any scene in that group. Or if not is there a practical way of having generic intro v1 etc footswitches on the pod which only applies to the song thats playing? Is it also possible on the launchpad to have multiple trigger pads assigned to one function? Hope that makes sense, thanks!