Auto start isn't working

Prime App


about 6 years ago (edited)

After I start the set list for worship and the first song ends, prime isn't auto starting the next song in the set list for some reason. What am I doing wrong?

about 6 years ago

I'm assuming that you have already pressed the triangle-shaped indicator to the right of the track name? It should be bright white, not dimmed-out, if auto starting is enabled. I only ask since you did not mention it in your post.

about 6 years ago

Just to add what Dennis already said: The triangle for the song currently playing needs to be white for it to auto start the next song. This was confusing to me at first ... So if song one triangle is dimmed out, and song 2 triangle is white, then prime will not autostart song 2 when song 1 finishes, but will autostart song 3 when song 2 finishes; regardless of the condition of song 3's triangle.

almost 6 years ago

Yep - White triangle will auto-advance.