Building loops in Ableton Live Session View



over 8 years ago (edited)

Im finding that alot of people are using session view with markers to trigger their loops and part of the song. My question is if using Reason are all the track in ableton just wav files that were exported from reason? If I have a loop made in Reason does that mean I have to export each individual instrument then put the wav files into Ableton session view? Or are they sent Rewire? Any help would be appreciated. My name is Hector

over 8 years ago (edited)

Hello Hector. You can do both. You can export individual stems from Reason and import them into Live. Alternatively you could change the routing within Reason and Rewire to get all your instruments in different tracks. If I want to use Reason I Rewire and do all the MIDI notes and programming within Live and get the audio back in via Rewire. Try using the External Instruments Device.