Click Flexibility



over 7 years ago (edited)

So here is what I'm trying to do: I have a master project that I use to run loops on the weekends. I use Ableton in Session View. Currently, I have a MIDI track called CLICK that has MIDI clips in it. The track uses Will Doggett's Foundations (now on to give me flexibility over the tone of the click so I can change it on the fly if necessary. The disadvantage of this setup over using .wav click tracks is that I can't program in a ritardando (gradual slow down at the end of a loop). Here's the list of what I'm trying to do summed up: -ability to adjust click sound on the fly -ability to add / remove subdivisions on the fly -ability to have click clips stop at a certain measure -ability to have ritardandos at the song end -ability to preserve warping ability on the fly while maintaining ritardandos* *for example, if a song slows down at the end I'd still like to be able to adjust the pitch of the clips Figured I'd bring this to the community and see what we could come up with. Thanks in advance to anyone who can solve this.

over 7 years ago

I can fix the add/remove subdivions one. Use the ableton click and then add a second midi clip and put the sound on there that you want the subdivions to sound like and that should do it, it might fix other ones too!