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about 5 years ago (edited)

Hey guys! Just wanted to get your feedback on how the Community Forums are working for you...? The whole idea of LoopCommunity is that we are a COMMUNITY of worship leaders helping each other. It seems like some conversations here go un-answered for months sometimes... wondering what we can do to help foster conversation more? We want to include everyone and help answer questions that community members might have. We want to make sure the "Community" part of our name still means what we are. Let us know how we can improve these forums. If we need to re-organize the topics, we definitely can! There is such a massive wealth of knowledge amongst all the LC community members, and I'm sure we all can help each other greatly. Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for supporting the Community and all the worship leaders who make it what it is!

about 4 years ago

Hello, are there any plans to bring the Prime App to the Mac? I have a MacBook Pro and would love to use it to run the mutitracks. I don't really like using my iPad to run Prime since I also like running MainStage. MainStage is horrible with running the backing tracks because there are slight skips in the audio if you go back to a previous marker. Ableton is super complex and is way more than I need. I absolutely love the way the Prime app is designed for the iPad but I wish it was built on the MacBook as well so I could use my larger screen.