Controlling Prime with Bluetooth Pedal

Prime App


about 3 years ago (edited)

I'm new to Prime and using loops, and I've been searching but can't find this answer here... I used to use a standard Boss foot pedal to start/stop and advance my metronome. So far I am liking using an iPad running Prime and would like to get a Bluetooth foot pedal that I can use to control Prime, primarily start/stop and advance. I don't see a settings option in Prime where I could sync it up to a pedal. Is this a possibility and do you have a recommendation for which pedal to get?

about 3 years ago

Hey Chris, You would just need to connect the Bluetooth pedal to the device you are using, (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) and set it up with the actual device. Then if it sends default MIDI notes, PRIME will recognize it as a MIDI controller and you can map it that way. We like using the Puc+ with the Looptimus or Looptimus MINI to make those Bluetooth pedals. You can check out the Puc+ at and the Looptimus at They work well together. Otherwise, any Bluetooth MIDI controller that sends default MIDI notes should work. Hope this helps! Thanks for being a part of LC!