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Copy a song in setlist

Feature Requests


about 1 year ago

It would great to be able to copy a song in the setlist that has already been edifed to repeat it later in down the list without having to add it and edit it again.

For example, if using simple pad tracks as transitions between songs, the pad track has to be added in multiple times to the setlist and readjusted (volumns, key, etc) each time.

Being able to copy an edited song would be a huge time saver.


about 1 year ago

Great idea!! I'll be sure to pass this along to our team. Thanks for being a part of the community!


8 months ago

yes please


about 2 months ago

If you save your edited track to the cloud, won't it eliminate having to edit it again? Yes, it would be nice just to duplicate. But if you save your edited song to the cloud, and add a discription, then you can just add it again, could you not?