Crazy X32 control Idea not sure if it is possible



over 5 years ago (edited)

I use Ableton in a unique way... I teach technical theatre techniques to elementary kids and as part of that as they get more advanced in the sound areas I like to have them mix a full band with the actors on stage. So I use Ableton for multitracks simulating the band. I Was able to figure out how to send the 16 tracks of the band that is in Ableton out to the my X32 so they can mix it some what like you would if you had a live "pit." What I want to do is to be able to push one of the assignable buttons on the X32 and have it go to the next scene in Ableton so that it loads up the next set of tracks to be mixed. Is this possible or is just a crazy thought. I am not sure if it would midi or just routing... or what. It would just be awesome.

over 5 years ago

Check out this video, about 30 minutes in. I've never tried it, but it looks like you can set the X32 up as a control surface, or use the MIDI CC mode, which might work out better for you. It appears that you must put the X32 into control mode by hitting the button labeled "Remote" to the left of the input faders, above where you select the page. Then you'll just need to assign a control to the Scene Launch button in Ableton in MIDI Map Mode. Be sure that the Remote button is engaged for the MIDI IN for your MIDI interface under preferences.