over 3 years ago (edited)

Hey guys. I have uploaded a song into the PRIME cloud at a BPM of 209. I have then added markers to the song. When the app generates the cues, they come and go at a very fast pace. I tried to re-upload at 104.5, thinking I could "trick" the app to say the cues at what would be every 8th note. The app does not let me do .5, it wants me to only do full BPM. How do I set the app to give more space between cues? Thanks.

over 3 years ago

Yeah, this is something I've noticed as well - when I was using Ableton for faster songs I'd set up cues across the 2 bars prior to the change so that it would do the 'verse' (or whatever) bit 2 bars before and then the count the bar before. Some sort of threshold for it doing that could work? It's actually similar with slower songs - I (and my band) tend to prefer a double speed click with slower songs as when you get to around 60-70bom the large gap between beats can make it more difficult to stay on time. However that then forces the cues to become quicker. That could be solved by a subdivision option rather than a 2x option? Could even have a (subtly) different sound for the 8th beats to the quarters and bar click?

over 3 years ago

Hey guys, When uploading to PRIME Cloud, make sure your stems are exported from your DAW at a whole number. PRIME doesn't support half-decimal bpms. We hope to add support for this in the future. Thanks!