Cues in Advanced Ableton track?



over 4 years ago (edited)

I've got both sets of band cues. The Cuepack and the advanced template cues. I can't find the nice clean click track sounds. Just the one that is more of a pop... I don't like it. The training for the Advanced template has a different cleaner click track, Where do I find that? I'm really new to Ableton and jumped right in with purchased tracks. I Copied the folder with the band cues into my /Ableton / Usuer library / Cues/ Is that the correct place to have these, or do they go in a drum folder. thanks for any suggestions. Wayne

over 4 years ago

SERIOUSLY... NO ONE HAS A CLUE? Try this, I installed an ALS file.. it asked where to save it. I installed it in the folder that said PACKS. I see all of the files get loaded, and not I can;t find the folder in packs or anywhere else. how does this work?