Do I need to pay for prime in order to make it work?

Prime App


12 days ago (edited)

Hello, I am looking for help maybe some one can help me, I used to have 2 set list of song, that I uploaded from my Cubase, but now that i would like to use them, i can not add any song to my play list, since i could not add more the the 2 set lists I deleted the lists with the idea that maybe i could create a new one, but I can not download even one song, in other words I have nothing.

I will appreciate if you guys can help, do I need to pay a montly fee to use it?


11 days ago

So just for clarity, the issue is that you cannot download songs in Prime? Also these are tracks you've uploaded yourself? If so, check to see that they are visible in your account on the Loop site! Let us know what you find!