Downloading different zip file keys?

Prime App


5 months ago

I just bought the backing track to a song and I'm trying to figure out how to download the zip files to the song but In the key I need it. Is that possible?


5 months ago

If you purchase the Split Track version, you can choose the key that you want the track in when you create the mix on the site prior to purchasing the track. If you are using the In-App version or purchasing the File Download version, the track will download in the original key. Additionally, if you are using the Prime app, you can change the key of the track directly in the app, otherwise, you would need to change the key manually in another DAW. Hope this helps!


15 days ago


So when you purchase a multitrack with the option that gives you all of the WAV files for each track, you can only download the WAV files in the original key?

On you can choose what key you want to download the WAV files in after purchase. Can you not do this on Loop Community?


12 days ago

The Wav files will download in the original key, that is correct. However we have a video tutorial showing how you can manually warp the key of the audio in Ableton Live if that is the software you're using!