Drum Software for Ableton



almost 3 years ago (edited)

I'm wanting to create some drum loops, and do some tracking in Ableton for song ideas and for creating tracks to practice with. What software are you guys liking? Looking for quality and ease of use. I've been making midi tracks with the stuff included in the live 9 suite, but looking for some better sounds. I was considering BFD3 but wasn't sure how easy it was to use in Ableton.

almost 3 years ago

Hey Jeremy, I feel I won't be too much help with this specific question. I use That Sound samples with a sampling plug in to create my own drum tracks, but I don't really know much about drag and drop drums loop programs outside of the default library in Logic. I would ask around in our Facebook group. There's probably some producers that use the same thing you're looking for: http://facebook.com/groups/wearelc