Edit then Download?

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10 months ago (edited)

The Tracks/Stems are great. I can record the vocals for the songs for the songs that don't have vocals but my question is..

1. Is there a way to record vocals within the prime app

2. Is it possible to edit the Tracks/Stems withn the Prime app and then download the Newly edited Zip files ?


10 months ago

Unfortunately Prime can only be used to play back and edit the existing tracks in your account. If you'd like to record your own vocals, you will need to do so in another Audio Editing software and then re-upload the tracks as custoom audio to your Prime Cloud. In response to your second question, you can edit the tracks, but you won't be able to download zip folders from the Prime app. However, you can purchase the "File Download" version of any track from Loop and this will provide you a zip folder which you can then edit in another audio editing software!