Producing Tracks

Editing a loop submission?

Producing Tracks


almost 6 years ago (edited)

Hey. Earlier to I uploaded a loop for Great Are You Lord in 2 different keys (E and G). I was just uploading the final one in A and a realized that I think I had put key of E in the description of both of the first two loops by accident. Also I realized that my tambourine track was slightly off in the first two I uploaded (E and G) but I just now got it right for the A track. Is there way I could change the key description of the one and put my replace the tambourine track on the first two with the one from my track in the key of A? Thanks, I just want to make sure the tracks are perfect and I can't find a way to edit my submission.

almost 6 years ago

Hey Seth, It's best to make sure they are 100% correct before you upload. It will save time on your end, as well as on our end. Your submission will then make it to the site much faster!