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almost 7 years ago (edited)

I have two questions... 1- Is there a way to edit the "pan" or to rename a file in the app itself? I noticed that the "guide" has to be called the "cues" so that it is recognized and assigned properly. 2- I want my band members to be able to access the set lists and hear their parts in context to the whole of a song. I'm not sure if this is possible other than me sharing my login information. Do you have any recommendations? Is there some kind of group access function that would allow "invited" guests to view files? Thanks Steve

almost 4 years ago

By Cross Fades, do you meant the ability to smoother transition between songs? Because that's something I would love too!

almost 4 years ago

Hi I am new to Prime/Loop Community. Just one question, I have uploaded my own stems to Prime, but it seems not to be able to take decimals in the tempo field. I enter the decimal for instance 72,5 but when I open it in prime its set to 73 bpm therefore the click is not in sync with my track. Any advice?

almost 4 years ago

Mike, yes! =) Petra, PRIME unfortunately doesn't support decimal point BPMs. You'll need to make sure that your track is time-flexed/stretched/warped to a whole number. After you edit the stems to be a whole number (either 72 or 73), then you can re-upload. Hope this helps! =)