Expanding or customizing the LC Vocal Cue pack


Manuel Tábora

over 5 years ago (edited)

Hey Y'all! I'm in the process of making some click tracks for my church's Christmas program using Ableton Live Intro. I've been using the cue pack from loop community and it's a godsend! At our church we are blessed to have a choir and small orchestra as a part of our weekly worship. Because of this, and because of the styles of music that we typically do, there are a few more cues that I would like to have, which are not included in the cue pack. For example, I would like cues that say "choir in", "choir out", "orchestra in", "key change", etc. I'm thinking, there's got to be a way that I can record those cues myself and add them to the cue pack, assigning them to some of the empty midi notes in the drum rack. But I just don't know what would be the process to follow. Any suggestions? Otherwise, if LC were to create an expanded cue pack with more cues, that's something that I would definitely be willing to pay for. Let me know what you think. May the Lord continue to bless your ministries!

over 5 years ago

Hey Manuel, You could bounce all LC cues from midi to audio, then like you said... record your new added cues and supplement your cues pack to fit your needs. I've thought about some for myself that would include even something simple such as "repeat." Regards, N