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exporting click with my own loop

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over 5 years ago (edited)

Hey all, Brand new to loop community and it is so so cool. I have a bundle of just basic mono pad loops that I use for our worship services, and I'd love to be able to import them to PRIME with a Logic Pro X click....they don't have a click in their natural track, but is there anyone with a way for me to import my mp3 into logic, make it a wave, add a click, and then export it for .zip to upload to PRIME??? This would be ground breaking for our team having it in one track as right now we're running 2 unnecessary channels to achieve this purpose. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

over 5 years ago

Hey Luke, I haven't ever used Logic, but have you downloaded the LC Community Cue Pack? (http://loopcommunity.com/shop ..."Band Cues") If not, they have a Click Accent and Click sound that you can use. I use them in Ableton as MIDI and I would guess that Logic has similar capabilities though it may take a little more work to set it up the same way. However, they do provide them as wavs also, so you could just drag the sounds in where you wanted them. Check out this post, http://loopcommunity.com/blocks/loops/using/uploading-your-own-file-into-prime, it might have a little more info too. The Cue Pack makes it really easy to make a click track that you can export as a wav file to upload to Prime.