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almost 4 years ago (edited)

Dear friends, im new here. I purchased a mastertrack today. I can see it an play in my Prime on Ipad. However, is it possible to export it, save it as mp3 and play it lets say on VLC or Windows Media Player ? Thank you for advice ! Andrej

over 3 years ago

I have the same question. I'm trying to attach the multitracks that we've purchased to planning center so that band members (especially those who have no apple products) can listen. Is that possible?

19 days ago

how to export files from prime as MP3

Drums With Dave

19 days ago

You have to buy the zip file version of the song. There are two versions of tracks 1. In App Only and 2. In App and Zip. The In App Only lets you use the track in the app only and the second one gives you the potential to use it in prime but you also get a zip file of all the inidivdual wav channels. Number 2 is more expensive by a little but lets you use it anywhere. If you already bought the In App only you can upgrade to the zip for $15. You lost some money if you do the math of the two but it's cheaper then rebuying the track


18 days ago

Unfortunately, you can't export audio directly from the Prime app. However, you can purchase the file download version of any track from Loop so that you can use the audio in other programs!


4 days ago

I need to make a backup of my tracks imported to prime, I didn't find this option, the multitracks platform has this option.