Expression Pedal Jumping Values



almost 6 years ago (edited)

I bought an expression pedal with the knobs to save room on my board. The pedal works, but the first 5% from the zero position actually jumps up to 100%, then jumps back down to zero and works normally all the way. The pedal is using 10K pots and is wired with TRS connections. I run through the expression pedal configuration on the Looptimus several times with no luck. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I am just wondering if maybe the pots are cheap or broken.

almost 6 years ago

Definitely sounds like the expression pedal's pot is faulty. Is there a sweep adjustment on the pedal? If so, maybe you can set the lowest range of the pedal to stop at the 5% mark? If not, and it were mine, I'd open it up and check out the pot. Pots are very cheap, and if it wasn't too burried, I'd desolder it out an replace it. If you suspect it's not the pedal, you could grab a multi-meter and measure the resistance value of the pedal's jack while operating the knob. See if you see the same behavior with a meter. If so, it's definitely the pot.