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Fade Out Button for CoreSound Pads in Prime

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about 4 years ago (edited)

Hey hey, I've got a combination of loop/clicks, metronomes, and CoreSound Pads (20 minute loops) in my set. I don't know the best way to fade out of the loop without getting more hardware. It'd be sweet to have a "Fade Out" button on Prime that pulls out of whatever track you're in; that'd work great for ambient pad loops. How does everyone else fade out? I'm clueless, though I've considered my Ernie Ball volume between the iPad and DI.

about 4 years ago

Hey Dan, You can map an Expression Pedal to PRIME's master fader to fade out your tracks. If you know when you're going to fade out, you can also add a fade by tapping the "fade" button on an iPad. Please note that Looptimus only works with Expression Pedals, not Volume Pedals.