FC300 to control Ableton setup question



over 8 years ago (edited)

I just purchased Ableton Live Suite 8 and a Macbook Pro to hopefully start incorporating Ableton Live into our music at church. I already owned an FC300 and was hoping to use it as the foot controller to send the MIDI change messages. I was having success getting it set up with Ableton on my Macbook Pro using the Control Change mode- changing between different sections of the song. However, I have two questions that I haven't been able to figure out yet....that seem to be limiting on the FC300. 1. Changing to the next song in session mode in Ableton, I assume requires going to the next bank on the FC300. (So going from CC1, to CC2, CC3...etc) It appears the Value up and down arrows are how this happens....but I don't see where that can be programmed to one of the footswitches....which doesn't seem to make sense. It isn't very practical to reach down and change the value arrows by hand to go to the next song. What am I missing? 2. The other concern I have is it appears there are only 5 different banks to use in the Control Change mode (CC1 - CC5) Does this mean I am limited to only 5 songs that can be programmed in a set list? Thanks for the help.

over 8 years ago (edited)

When you enter MIDI Map Mode (Everything Turns Blue) a few additional options appear right above the Stop Clips area in the master track. You want to MIDI Map the new Play button. Its officially called the Scene Launch button. Also, under preferences you will need to have Select Next Scene On Launch turned on. It's under the Record, Warp, Launch tab. Now you only need 1 MIDI message to launch all your scenes in sequential order.