Feature Request**** Ableton Link



about 4 years ago (edited)

Hello Loop Community.. Could you please add Ableton Link to Prime!!! I have been experimenting with Soundbrenner Pulse- Wearable pulsing metronome and it has been nice addition to just having a click.. Would like to start using it with Loops now and if you were to add Ableton Link to your software I could get these things working with your software. Is that possible for you to Add??

about 4 years ago

Hey Sean! Thanks for the input. Yes, the Soundbrenner guys are amazing! We totally got to try those out at the last NAMM and loved them! For now, adding Ableton's Link feature to PRIME is something that would be really cool, so we can look into that. We'll let the community know if it's an update that we can eventually roll out. =) Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

over 3 years ago

I'd love this as well....or some type of work around!

7 months ago

anything yet?


6 months ago

Hey there! Unfortunately nothing yet. There are some other features that are focusing on for the time being, but hopefully can have this added at some point in the future. We'll be sure to keep you updated if we are ever to able to add this in! Thanks for your patience!