Focusrite, Presonus, Ableton, MacPro, Captain



about 5 years ago (edited)

I'm having issues with all of my interfaces in one way or another. So what is the best interface to use with ableton while running captain on a mac?

about 5 years ago

I prefer MOTU interfaces, but also really love Presonus. If all of your interfaces are acting up, I'm guessing that it's not an interface problem, but a problem with your system. Make sure you're running all the latest drivers, and the latest version of Ableton Live.

almost 5 years ago

hi guys, the focusrite 18i20 is compatible with prime app for the multi outs, i need some help please, blessings



over 4 years ago

Hi, does anybody here uses iConnectAudio2+ with Prime? I just bought this interface and hooked my ipad mini 2 on it and the outs directly to my mixer but the sounds coming out are broken like everything is just a slow metronome. I already tried messing with different combinations on the audio patchbay but the output sound still the same. I tried my logic pro with the interface and it works just fine. I wonder if it's compatibility issue with my ipad. Really appreciate any help here.

over 4 years ago

Hey Tata, Could you email us at We'll be able to further assist you with this iConnectivity issue. Thanks!