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over 8 years ago (edited)

Hey guys, I love that you're utilizing this forum space. How can we make it a better experience for you? Any suggestions to optimize the forums? So glad you're a part fo the community! Matt

over 6 years ago

The list of community tracks is just alphabetical. Is there a way to search for music that meet a set of criteria such as: 1. Tempo (i.e. Fast tunes about 130 bpm or more vs slow tunes at 62 bpm or below) 2. Occasion (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Baptism, etc...) 3. Style (i.e. Rock, Praise, Gospel, Reggae, Folk, Anthem, etc...) 4. Orchestration (i.e. Guitar heavy, Keys emphasized, Vocals available, Drum track included, etc...) I was going to suggest key, but that's not really a problem anymore with the available technology. Maybe a "if you like X, then other users also liked Y" such as those suggestions you might see in Amazon or eBay.... Just thinkin' out loud really.