Foundations Click



about 7 years ago (edited)

I am using LC Foundations pack to run the midi clicks for my set this week. My drummer wants to hear the 16th notes and I can't get ableton to keep the volume up after I change songs. I think it has something to do with the little square in the 16th box. Please help and tia. I have attached a screen shot.



about 7 years ago

That little square is a automation control indicator that tells you the automation for that clip/track (depending on whether you're in Session or Arrangement view) is saved as part of the music when you play back. If you want to change that you can simply adjust, however as you have discovered, it reverts back after you finish the tune and it doesn't keep the changes you made from one time to the next. If you refer to chapter 19 (Pg 257) of the user manual found in the Help menu, you will find all the necessary steps to take to change automation in both Arrangement or Session views. Basically, in order to do what I believe you want to do, you'll need to delete those preset automations and record your own. If you don't want to do that, perhaps you could open a new midi track and create the other subdivisions (the "e" "&" "a") with another sound so your drummer could hear what they need to hear for that song. If you use this workaround, you will always have the LC template in its original form. If you change it with the above method of rewriting the automation, you'll have the subdivisions in every song you do in the future when you use that... which may not be a desirable thing for you.