getting started



almost 8 years ago (edited)

Well – here we go. My church just approved the purchase of the necessary equipment to get looping. Going with a mac book pro, Motu ultrlight, and Abelton Suite and logic X. Couple questions: 1. Any input one way or the other on Motu? My research tells me this will work great…just double checking. 2. The big question is organization: I want to make sure the first time I load up a bunch of loops/multi tracks they are in an efficient order. Hoe do you set up folders? Name the folders…etc….Any videos? Input? I am planning to purchase Kristians template and utilize the pads, pro-presenter midi triggers etc. If I am understanding correctly…. it follows Matt’s suggestion of having ALL the songs in one session

almost 8 years ago

1. The MOTU should be solid. 2. Check out Matt's video on making a master loop library: 3. Make sure you buy Ableton from us (email so you don't overpay on it. Welcome to the club!

almost 8 years ago

For doing folders I just create one for patches and one for my loop stuff on my external harddrive. I pull what I need for each week onto my internal so it doesn't get bogged down. Also I pull onto the main drive so there is no lag, or possible disconnect. I name each song and keep them that way. It really depends on how you are running your loops and through which program.