Great Are You Lord (Wynter's Song) Anthony Evans

Leading Worship


7 months ago

I'm a new worship leader to a small church plant in St. Louis and even newer to Loop. I've only used a couple of tracks but love how easy everything is. I'm trying to find a track for the Anthony Evans version of Great Are You Lord (Wynter's Song). The drum line is amazing and the refrain that he adds at the end is sooo good. Does anyone have it or know how I can request it be created/added to the catalog?


7 months ago

Send your requests to and we'll make sure it gets passed along to the right people!


7 months ago

thanks so much!


3 months ago

Dude. I freaking LOVE Anthony Evan's version of Great Are You Lord!!!! Maybe you could find a way to reach out to the artist? Also, I know they can get the premium track direct from the artist!


13 days ago

I know its been awhile since you posted this but I saw it and I looked up the song on multitracks. Here is the link: