Guitar loop gear with ableton



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Hey guys, I've been scratching my head a lot with this one. I'm trying to find a way to use ableton to loop my guitar but the output signal would go into my amp and not the house board/speakers. So my signal would be something like: Guitar > pedalboard(stombox) > soundcard > ableton live > guitar amp Would that work? I'm saying this because I don't like the tone i get when you send a guitar directly to the board (even using stuff like line6 pods or other vst amp simulators). Nothing beats the sound of your expensive guitar amp... You know? OR i would be satisfy just finding a way to send midi and clock timing into my pedalboard so i can sync ableton live to my pedalboard using some kind of looper, Something like the boomerang..... Any help on this matter would be great thanks

over 7 years ago

Hey Kev, This setup is fairly easy to accomplish if you have an audio interface with at least one in, and one out. (Stereo is preferred) The way the chain would work would be as follows: Guitar ->Pedal-board ->Audio Interface -> Ableton Live (Looper) -> Audio Interface Output -> Nice Expensive Amp You would need an interface with at least one input, and one output. There are many great threads on this forum discussing interfaces, so I would suggest checking them out. So you had the right idea, but think of your computer/Ableton, as another addition to your board. You would go out of your board into the interface via 1/4" cable, Into the computer via either USB or Ethernet, Ableton Live would the do the processing for you, in this case using the looper feature (Found under: Audio Effects -> Looper). After you have your loop processed, you would then send it back to the interface via USB/Fire-wire, and use an output from the Interface to your amp via 1/4" cable. It sounds more complicated than it really is. The only thing you really have to get setup correctly is routing between Ableton and your interface. For Example: I would plug my guitar into input 1 on my interface. I then create an Audio Track in Ableton, and set Audio From - > External In -> 1 I would set Audio To -> Ext. Out -> 1/2 (For Stereo or just 1 for Mono) Then I would drag the Looper onto my Audio Track in Ableton as an Effect. The I would run a 1/4" cable from output 1 and/or 2 on my interface to my Amp. To make triggering the looper to overdub easier, you could simply hook up an expression pedal, or sustain pedal (Anything that will send a message to Ableton), and then simply map that expression to the overdub button. As for Midi sync, If your pedal-board has a midi input/out, you are set (This may not be your case?). All (good) audio interfaces will have both a midi in, and a midi out. So you could send midi out of Ableton (Options -> Preferences -> MIDI Sync -> Sync: On for Interface In/Out) to your interface, into your board, and this will set your board's clock. I hope this helps, and gets you pointed in the right direction. If you have any other questions, or if I didn't explain something clearly, Ill be happy to clear things up. Thanks

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you could pre record guitar parts!