Having a strange issue..



almost 7 years ago (edited)

Having an issue with running Reason 7 required into Live 9. 2 different keyboards, 2 different midi channels. Trying to run 2 different instruments in Reason. I'm using 2 different external instruments on 2 different channel strips in Ableton. Issue: Each keyboard is triggering both sounds in reason. All the routing seems to be correct in ableton Instrument 1: midi from channel 1 to combinator 1; audio from 1/2 Instrument 2: midi from channel 2 to combinator 2; audio from 3/4 Using a Mo8 and an Alesis Q49 I have both running into a non powered usb hub. I think that's the problem but wanted a second opinion. Thanks in advance!!!!

almost 7 years ago

Got it figured out!