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HELP!!! Misplaced guide track

Sound & Tech Team


over 4 years ago (edited)

Hey! I uploaded this file and the guide track and tenor track have switched place. The guide is planned to the same side as the track, which ends up coming through the same channel. How can I move/adjust the guide so it pans to the same side as the click. Look at the jpg file and you'll understand.



over 4 years ago

Hey Tyler - You need to name your Cues / Guide file "Cues.wav"

about 3 years ago

Hi... My problem is that once I loaded my custom mix into Prime, everything is great with the track except the guide track is off slightly. Thanks, skeys

almost 3 years ago (edited)

Hey Sherri! When you say that the guide is slightly off, are you meaning the timing? If so, that's likely due to the track not being perfectly aligned to the grid from music software such as Ableton Live. There is dead audio space before the start of 1.1.1 in the track timeline, which causes a tiny delay from the cues to the timing of the track. I would always make sure to check this before you upload to PRIME Cloud, then you can also add your custom section markers as well. Happy Looping! =) Check out this helpful video: