HELP!! Easter is coming!!



over 5 years ago (edited)

Hey gang, Here's the thing. I've got two songs. "Resurrecting" (Elevation) and "All Things New" (Elevation). Resurrecting is 148BPM and All Things New is 136PM. I am working in arrangement view to blend them. Going from the fast to the slower. I then am trying to consolidate all stems and export them in order to load them into my session view scene with all my other songs. When working in arrangement view I am able to have "Ableton's" click slow down and it works great. But when I export it and load the consolidated stems into my session, it doesn't slow the tempo down from one song to the other. Any thoughts? What am I missing? I spent 2hrs on it and its not working!!! :( Blessings Mat

about 5 years ago

You'll need to export a "Click" stem. Don't use the Ableton Metronome built into Live.

about 5 years ago

Ditto. Create a MIDI track. Insert your favorite click sound. Bounce to audio. When you move to session view, disable warping and the built in click.