How do I vamp a section in Ableton?



about 8 years ago (edited)

Great site guys! I have Live 8 and I was wondering what the best way to trigger a vamp section would be. I'm still kind of a newbie and currently I am using full loops with locator markers as the trigger sections. Would it be best to add a separate track that only has the vamp section and loop that section or is it possible to do it with one loop track? Also what is the best way to do either of those? Thanks and God Bless Jonathan

about 8 years ago (edited)

You should use Session View in live and have a separate scene for your vamp section. The Ableton training team on LC might be right up your alley here

almost 8 years ago (edited)

I agree. Session view is the way to go if you want control over different sections of the song. I would love to help you out!