How to ADD an Arrangement SECTION?

Prime App


4 days ago

So, I have a Prime song that starts out: V1, V2, Ch, V2, Ch. etc.

But I decide I want to plan to repeat V1 again before the 2nd instance of V2.

So, I want to not merely MOVE a song Section, but ADD another instance of it.

I can't figure out how to do this.

(I see no "copy" feature. CMD plus drag doesn't work; nor does Cntl+drag.)

Is this doable? Please?


4 days ago

You can do this by clicking Edit, then Edit Arrangement. Once in Edit Arrangement mode, double tap where you want the additional V1 to go, and select Verse 1 from the list, and the section will be added to the arrangement. Hope this helps!


4 days ago

Yes! You would have the song open in your playlist. Click the "edit" button to the right of the timeline. Select "edit arrangement". Double tap the section that you want to precede the section you will be adding. For instance, if want to add V1 after the first instance of V1, then you would doulble tap V1 and in the scrolling section, hightlight verse 1 and select "add new." Boom!


3 days ago

Perfect! Thanks so much, Matt and newfaithchapel.