How to Insert Cue Markers in WAV prior to upload to Prime Cloud that Prime App will See?

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about 3 years ago (edited)

I'm on an iPhone 5s with a small screen and find it next to impossible to add markers at the right bar/measure in Prime App on the iPhone screen in the 'Add Marker' mode, I can't tap on the screen with any accuracy and there is no 'Go to bar number or beat number' seek function dialog in Prime App to place a marker in the right spot if I happen to know the bar number (from the sheet music) where the verse, chorus section markers should go, Obviously, this all relates to custom multitrack uploads. I have read that WAV files have a metadata section that can contain cue/marker information. On my PC, I'm looking for a way to open a WAV file (click track, or drum track?), insert markers at the right spot,name those markers verse or chorus, etc, export that 'tagged' WAV file, upload it to Prime Cloud, make it visible in Prime App and have Prime App simply 'see' all of the cue markers so I can bypass the tedium of trying to add cue markers directly in Prime App on an iPhone 5s. I have a copy of Ableton, but haven't really used it yet.Maybe there is a simpler, easier to use and free utility app for windows that can do this? So, is it possible to add and name cue markers in a WAV file in an offline way outside of Prime App like I have suggested and just have Prime App automatically see all the markers after the 'upload and make visible' step? I use multitracks from a karaoke site that come with a click track. I'm sure there must be someone out there adding cue markers in this way. Any ideas as to what windows software to use and what the common mistakes are? Is this even possible? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.

about 3 years ago

Hey John, You could add section markers to use the track in Ableton, but they would not stay there if you export them and upload them to your PRIME Cloud. There is not a way to add the section markers outside of PRIME and then upload them to the PRIME Cloud. When you are adding markers on your phone, make sure you hit the + symbol on the right of the wave form to zoom in. This will make it easier to add the markers. After you double tap to add the marker and choose the name for it, you can also drag the marker to a different beat by pressing and holding the white dot, if you did not place it where you wanted it. Hope this helps! Thanks for being a part of LC! Let me know if you have any other questions. -Derek, The LC Team

24 days ago

My markers keep moving on my custom track when I press save. I have been trying for several hours and cannot seem to get the markers in the correct spot... it also will not let me repeat some of my sections.


24 days ago

Hi Courtney,

I'm sorry that you are experiencing this. You should be able to repeat any section except the Start or End section of your tracks.

Here is a video that shows how to add custom section markers:

Section markers can also only be added to the downbeat of a measure. They are not able to be put in the middle of measures.

If they are still moving, could you please send a screen recording or video of this to