about 6 years ago (edited)

I'm missing something.... I downloaded the Cue Pack from Loop Community. I extracted and moved files into Ableton folders. However I am having trouble getting them to drop into ableton. I thought the pack came with an 'instrument' or drum rack, where the wav files could be cued on a midi track via, drawing in the vocal cues. I want to create a 'drum rack' for the wav samples(vocal cues) to cue from a MIDI track. The online LoopCommunity videos look so simple, he just drags the drum rack that he downloaded and it let's him draw out his midi cues . How do I get the CL Vocal Cue Pack to work in Ableton 9? I have the Sampler Instrument file Logic - LC Vocal Cues.exs and the folder of wav file samples called Logic - LC Vocal Cues . Could someone write out the steps or tell me what folders these two files should be in? Thanks! C

about 6 years ago

I don't know if this is the best way, but I simply use Ableton's browser to go to the folder that I keep the LC cue packs and simply drag and drop them from that folder into a Session or Arrangement window and I'm off and running.