How to know the lyrics and chords of a song?

Prime App


9 days ago

I started with Loop Community today.

I tried my first song "Amazing Grace by Loop Community".

I was able to download the song and make it available in the Prime App.

How do I know the lyrics and the chords, which are used in the song?

Usually, there are slight changes in lyrics and chords, if you search in different song books.

I have access to SongSelect by CCLI and compared it to

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

CCLI: #4768151

There was an obvious difference: Textsof vers 3 are different.

So how can I know, what the author of the song in Loop Community was using?

P.S.: Sorry for my beginner question. Actually, I am trying to evaluate the possibilites. Currently I have more questions than answers and could not yet imagine, how to use it in a church service.


8 days ago

Shoot our team an email at and we can help you out with that chord chart!


8 days ago

how do I load the song list my leader shared with my user name?


7 days ago

Click on Load Setlist, then select the "Shared With Me" tab. From here, you can click on the setlist that was shared and it will load on your device!