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How to Sync Keyboard Arps to BPM While Firing Tracks!?

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about 5 years ago (edited)

First off, here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjHV9pTF7xQ&feature=youtu.be For you readers, here's what I'm trying to accomplish: My main goal is to be able to fully sync my keyboardists patches within MainStage in regards to arpeggiated patches and patches with delays. I don't just want the arp patches to play at the same bpm as the song (that would be easy enough) but I want them to fully lock in with the bpm so that if the player's timing is a little off, the arp still fires with the global bpm of the song. In Omnisphere (where most of our arp sounds come from), under the "ARP" category, I changed the setting under the "Trigger" option to "Song Position" and that locks the arp with the global bpm, no matter how off your actual timing is. But the only way this will work is if the rest of the band is playing with this metronome as well! And, again, this would have been easy enough just to assign one button to the global "Play" control to fire the metronome and then just change the tempo for each song... HOWEVER, what if I ALSO want to fire a TRACK along with the metronome for each song??? This is where it gets fun! So here's what I did: 1) I made 3 buttons in my Layout that will start/stop each song in the set. I assigned each button to a pad on my keyboard. 2) I created 3 channel strips on the concert level and put Playback instances on each of them. I loaded in my three tracks to each of them separately. I made sure each instance of Playback was in a different "Group" so that two of them didn't fire at the same time. 3) I set up 3 patches, one for each song. I put the desired keyboard sounds in each patch. 4) I made sure that each song was assigned the specific tempo by changing it in the "Attributes" for that song. This tempo matches the exact tempo of my click/loop track that's loaded in each instance of Playback. 5) I then mapped button 1 to start/stop the first instance of Playback. I created a parallel mapping on that same button to start/stop the global metronome. Lo and behold, everything works!! ALLLMOST! The button is a little weird. Sometimes the track that I loaded in Playback won't fire but the global click will fire every time. Then, when I hit the button again, the Playback track will start and join the metronome...IN TIME! So that's a good thing but it means I have to hit the button twice every time I want to fire a song? Seems I'm missing something. What settings should I be using maybe for the button itself inside MainStage?

about 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing!